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Walk my dog but as for a hobby I'm working on that. My favorite music is old school I love it Roxxie36 is her own person I get along with everyone right away when I meet them I'm a little shy but I'm not to shy. I love to eat, dance, and explore new places.

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I am spontaneous, funny, honest I am hard working and I strive to become the better version of myself in all aspects. I'm an independent well-rounded confident woman Easy going love to laugh and learn dependent caring and very loyal.

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I'm a homebody but love movies go out to dinner and if I have a stressful week love to get away for a few days to somewhere romantic Unfortunately, I am extremely bored and have not and will not date the type of man that lingers around the scenes of this city as a self proclaime Then more recently, I dated an Asian guy that was into Latin dancing who pretty much was the best kisser I have ever had, super smart, super attractive, but he was like 10 years older than me he didn't look it!

Oh yeah and my sister is married to an Asian If the Mexican chick is racist, then you can't do nothing. Maybe ask her to go hang out, fck her hard and deep.

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Maybe she'll change her attitude towards Asian guys now? I'm not gonna lie, latina girls are pretty intimidating to approach. I find some Korean and Chinese guys attractive.

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I didn't mean to make this a discriminatory thread at all. I love all women but it just happens that my surrounding is highly Hispanic. I am not Filipino either, I'm Chinese.

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Who is in your crew? If your friends are all Asians, how in the world are you going to meet Latinas? Be cool with everyone, talk to everyone, just be a cool dude. How many times have I heard " Asians only like to hang out with Asians". This applies to any races!

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Because of nonsense like this, people seclude themselves and indirectly tell other people they don't want to have anything to do with them. Hispanics are very family oriented, they spend every little event together. When they have a party, they invite the whole neighborhood , there is NOT such a thing as a small gathering. You have to be able to talk to the family, cousins, make small talk, in other words you have to win the family.

Another thing about the culture, it's known that men are macho.