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He dated a gorgeous women. Regardless, he has good things to say about the Skype coaching and online program.

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F-closed a HB 8. She turned into his girlfriend.

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He always wanted a blonde. It was the first white girl he ever f-closed. He is a guy who gets laid regularly. He wants to elevate his game. He is already learning so much, each of the videos is like having a bootcamp in game. But I feel he would be amazing. He is the only student who can say every line perfectly word for word. I look forward to his results. He never went out to daygame.

My first infield released for Wayne Dating Lifestyle (Same Day Lay)

The reviews and results are starting to pour in. This student got laid in less than a week using my online program. I taught him how to turn text game into phone game. Also, I improved his dating route. Another student has trained with Deepak and Justin Wayne. But found me to be a better teacher. Even though those are the two best pickup artist in the world. He has trained with many big names. But only pulled under my training. He finally got a same day lay or his first daygame lay.

But how is Deepak actually able to transform your Dating life so fast?

He trained with so many different coaches. My East Indian student from Germany. See, white girls do like East indian guys. Stuck to tinder afterwards and dropped out of daygame. First day after my first class he has a same day lay. He used my openers that are not direct game. Also my escalation tactics. He is a bigger guy that has the same build as another local dating coach here. But with my game he got a same day lay?

This is him travelling to a different country. He got laid again. I get these weekly testimonials from my students. This guy is another guy from the Philippines. He is killing it in game now. From getting a haircut to getting laid non stop. I turned him into a Casanova.

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He had two separate weeks of having a weeks off vacation. He pulled like crazy during both times. Results 2 same day lays, lots of day 2 to lay, online dating to lays using my text game. This student is half white half Cuban. Another dating coach in California, a private low level scum. I trained him for months. He was an impossible case student.

Very resistant and no other coach would of been able to help him. He still pulled impossible case or not. New black student, he only had one skype session for an hour.


He already pulled and got a fuck buddy. She is still in his life. He is featured in a new video testimonial, if you want to learn more about him. This student is Vietnamese and living in Britan. He got a lay from an Asian model and white girl. His first white girl under my training. I delivered on his promise.

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He asked me to teach him how to get a white girl. Had two fuck buddies, one of them is a model.

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F-closed another one, using my game at a bar. May 30th, , he still has one fuck buddy in his life. He tried to use my game with some bar game, it worked. This is one of my other students recently. Its only two days after his last Skype. He has already gone on an instadate. I offered him my online coaching program. He bought another local dating coaches daygame product. He thought it was total trash. Tons of dates, instadates. Pulled times now. This student is East Indian. He came to me for help. He has already got laid shortly.

First it was an instadate. Then it was a pull. Then he got several blow jobs from a pretty girl. This is a separate East Indian client. A bit of a hardcase but good looking.

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He pulled a girl in a week. But then mentally broke down.

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He was resistant and tough to teach. Regardless he pulled in a week. He was essentially stuck after moving here. I told him about it, he was happy to join. He pulled during the first day of bootcamp with a Korean girl to her hostel.

He dated a ton of girls, instadated them too.