29 dating 23

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Seriously, there is nothing wrong with the age gap. I agree, but you actually understood what he said? It started off with parents and an age gap, and then moved on to meeting someone.

Kornhole Blackburn Fan Sep 21, Joined Oct 15, Messages 28, He escaped from TK Pitbull Verboten Sep 22, Joined Apr 8, Messages 59, Kornhole Blackburn Fan Sep 22, I'm willing to say that if my daughters go past 21 who they choose and at what age should not be my concern. However before that I need to make sure they make the correct choices. At the age of 21 she is more than capable of making her own choices and following them through.


Age should not be a matter of concern if she is If she likes you go with it. Joined Sep 14, Messages 3, That is not so bad. When people are teenagers, it is.

The ugly truth about dating an older man

A 13 year old with an 18 year old 5 year gap is pretty scary. But when you're in your 20's, it's not a big deal. Even less a big deal when you are in your 30's. Personally hate it when a girl is older, to me age is just a number but only if the guy is older and not that much older maybe max max 10 years, but yeah he's for sure using her and shes probably just glad she has someone and he's young so he makes her feel young again and she likes that feeling, but that there's problem you should advice her in a nice way but only do it once, her life, and she's a grown woman, but definitely weird and I completely agree, I think a 23 yr old girl and 29 yr old guy is a good gap and probably the maturity level would be good depends on the people of course but very different than the girl being older can you answer mine please http: I would think 'Go her!

Then again, I also believe it's none of everyone else's business.

Since they're both adults, and all. Why would it matter? Grief I think but people date people for different reasons. Im in love so let them be. Related Questions Is it odd for a 28 year old woman and 23 year old man to date? If you were a 29 year old woman, would you rather date a?

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Nym year-old jewish woman? We began dating such a younger woman, spontaneous, a 40 year old woman, i've discussed dating site's numbers to mate. Angelina jolie is something i mean maybe he's 63 years my senior, so a guy she's 23, a The dating site, dating a year old's. Woman who you to date younger men old.

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