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The different types of pregnancy ultrasounds and when you might get them

OTP sent to Change. Looks like you are having network issues. Sonography, Ultrasound, Scan - all terms imply the same thing. Prior to World War II, sonar, the technique of sending sound waves through water and observing the returning echoes to characterize submerged objects, inspired early ultrasound investigators to explore ways to apply the concept to medical diagnosis.

This principle of passage and reflection of 'sound' waves of higher wavelengths than what the human ear can hear, through media of different densities, is now used medically to visualise internal organs of the body. What is internal sonography, and when is it required? A thin probe is introduced into the vagina to enable better visualisation of deeper organs.

It is usually required to visualise the ovaries, early pregnancy or a pregnancy that is not in the uterus i. Most women do not find this painful but some discomfort is not unusual. How many times should a pregnant woman get a sonography done during her pregnancy? When should she get it done? Ideally, a minimum of three scans should be performed during the course of a pregnancy.

However, this is subject to availability of resources and economical considerations.

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This is called the 'early pregnancy' or the 'dating' or the 'viability' scan. The next scan should be performed between 11 - 14 weeks as by this time the baby is fully formed with a head, a body, two legs and two hands.

If there are any major structural problems like non-development on the skull, limbs etc. This is also a very important scan to assess the risk of chromosomal abnormalities like Down's Syndrome, in which mental retardation is a major component. This is called the 'nuchal scan'. The third scan is performed at 18 - 23 weeks. By this time, the baby is much bigger and structures like the heart, kidneys, brain, facial features etc. The aim of this scan is to ensure normality of all these structures, diagnose major and minor problems and arrange further investigations, counselling or follow-ups accordingly.

Ultrasound Scan for Pregnancy - View Price in 10+ Labs [50% OFF] |

We found nearly 20 insurance claims codes that corresponded with different types of pregnancy ultrasounds! One reason we see so many codes is that each ultrasound usually has one code for single babies and one for multiples, like twins or triplets. These are the most typical pregnancy ultrasounds that you might see on your medical bills but keep in mind—if you have a normal pregnancy, you most likely just need a pre week scan and a post week scan:. An internal ultrasound that involves your doctor or technician inserting an ultrasound probe into your vaginal canal. In fact, our data shows that most women who received a transvaginal ultrasound in got one between weeks A standard ultrasound which you may get during your second or third trimester.

Some doctors will provide an ultrasound during your check-ups, and some may not. A check on amniotic fluid volume, breathing, body movements, and fine motor movements. This type of ultrasound can happen with or without non-stress test NST —a noninvasive test that monitors the fetal heart rate. There are two different types of artery dopplers—umbilical arterial doppler and middle cerebral artery doppler. Doppler assessment helps doctors check how much blood flow your baby is getting during the third trimester.

Ultrasound Scan for Pregnancy – View Price in 10+ Labs [50% OFF] |

You may need an artery doppler if your doctor suspects you have pre-eclampsia. Across the , pregnancies we analyzed, we found that most women got 3 ultrasounds.

There are many medical reasons why you might need to get more than the typical number of ultrasounds, including:. Most women pregnant with twins, triplets, or other variations of multiples received 7 ultrasounds. Risk for other complications. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends only ultrasounds in low-risk pregnancies, but our data suggests that many pregnant women are getting nearly double that.

According to a study published in the Wall Street Journal , pregnant women are getting more ultrasounds on average than they were 10 years ago.

Ultrasound Early Pregnancy

Here are the different places you may receive an ultrasound:. According to BabyCenter , most women have their check-ups at their doctor's office or midwifery clinic. Your doctor or midwife may have access to a portable, low-resolution ultrasound machine for in-office appointments, but they might have to refer you to a hospital or freestanding clinic that can do more advanced imaging for detailed ultrasounds, like a nuchal translucency scan. If your doctor refers you to a freestanding imaging center for your ultrasound, make sure that the facility is in-network and takes your insurance plan.

Similar to hospitals, freestanding imaging centers employ technologists and radiologists. You can use Amino below to find an imaging center in your area that offers pregnancy ultrasounds and estimate your cost. You may only need to visit the hospital for advanced ultrasounds, such as a nuchal translucency or detailed anatomy scan. Keep in mind that ultrasounds done at hospitals are often more expensive than ultrasounds done at freestanding imaging centers for a number of reasons: While these centers often employ technicians who used to operate at medical facilities, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has spoken out against fetal portrait studios.

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  • Since many prenatal care services—like folic acid supplements, gestational diabetes screenings, and breast pumps—are covered by the Affordable Care Act , I figured that my pregnancy ultrasounds would be covered by my insurance plan. After my first ultrasound at 8 weeks, however, I found out I was wrong when I got a bill for "radiology performed at the office. In short, there is no requirement for insurance companies to pay for your pregnancy ultrasounds—your insurance plan might cover all, some, or none of the cost.

    Delhi govt to subsidize the cost of PET scan for cancer patients

    As United Healthcare explains on their site:. While radiology services like obstetrical ultrasounds may be part of routine prenatal care, they are not included under the health reform law.