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I've always been interested in Egyptian history, but have recently become more interested in customs.

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I've picked up some things here and there, but I still don't have a clue what's customary regarding dating, engagement and marriage. Is it really that different from western customs? I've read that wedding rings are exchanged, is there an engagement ring as well?

The Ancient Egyptian Bride

Thank you all in advance, I hope I can learn a lot from all of you! Are you sure you want to delete this answer? As a predominantly conservative society, Egyptians usually frown upon the notion of a guy and a girl going out on their own. The dating scene is usually restricted to the upper class influenced by western culture, but is still not accepted by most Egyptians.

Groups of guys and girls hanging out together is considered more acceptable though. It usually includes the groom to be and his parents visiting the bride's family and asking her hand in marriage. After the bride to be's approval, they start negotiating details like jobs, housing..

Engaged couples wear their rings in their right hands, and throughout their engagement, they debate and plan their future in every single aspect, which is why some engagements crumble when they find out they're not compatible.

Egypt marriage costs spark crisis

The wedding itself is preceded by a ceremony many Egyptian women perform called "The night of the henna" where the bride and her friends gather together and celebrate the upcoming nuptuals with henna and other festivities. The wedding ceremony itself differs greatly from class to another, it might range from a wedding in the neighborhood to a luxurious party in a 5 star hotel with practically everything in between.

They all include performers, singers, sometimes belly dancers, buffets.. This Site Might Help You. Is it really that different from western For the best answers, search on this site https: Think of it this way, at least he asked and you hopefully said yes!

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If you find it weird don't tell anybody until you get your ring and then just act like it was there the whole time. That is what I would do. Today it is very common though for brides to pick out their own rings. My Fiance did AMAZING because he knew what my dream ring was but most guys take the easy way out and you get either the future past and present 3 stone rings or a solitaire style.

This includes areas pertaining to marriage, although Egypt is less traditional in this area-particularly in the relationship of a couple before marriage-than many other traditional Muslim countries. In circumstances where a young man and woman fall in love after interacting at school or in a workplace and desire a marital union and the families eventually approve, the marriage process is started.

The Ancient Egyptian Bride

If they like each other, several more meetings with families are arranged and an engagement party organised. During the marriage ceremony, the marriage contract is signed by the groom along with the family of the bride. There are also members of both families present as witnesses although the bride is not present in the room.

Instead she waits in a separate room and the contract is brought to her for approval. The ceremony itself follows traditional Muslim practices, including reading passages of the Quran. This is the image that becomes familiar to residents of Dar Elmodaraat Hotel whenever there is a wedding taking place in the hotel.

Before the bride and groom can enter the wedding hall, they are also entertained by a Tanoura, which is an Egyptian folk dance performed by Sufi men or Darawish. The men wear long colourful skirts which are sometimes decorated with lights that the Tanoura will turn on at some point during his performance.


The addition of the lights is a new thing, according to journalist Ayman Abdelaziz, and also a tricky thing if something goes wrong with the lights. The dance usually involves the Tanoura spinning in an endless motion so that the different colours of his skirt are displayed.

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  5. He will stop spinning when he is finally tired or if the audience has had enough. As he turns, his skirt gets wider and wider, demonstrating the full length of it. The tanoura will place it above the heads of guests and also above the heads of the bride and groom for entertainment. As he spins, the bride and groom and all wedding guests present clap along in joint merriment. At intervals, the bride and groom may dance together while on their way into the wedding hall.