Dating a recovering opiate addict

But let me restate, that it is respectful and important to ask your significant other how they feel in situations. Some people in recovery may not be comfortable with the normalcy of drinking. My boyfriend is seven years sober.

What a commitment and a blessing. Having love and compassion for him or anyone in recovery , I would not have minded either outcome. After some time, we moved in together. My boyfriend then turned into my best friend, my soulmate, and the person I could not live without. We have traveled, attended dinner, escorted each other to parties, and at each event I am free to do what I please.

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Hold on, I cannot cover up some discrepancies… a person in recovery is one hell of a strong person; however, each person has to fight their own battles in their head. If I was to go to a doctor, or for whatever reason have prescription medication in our home, I have to remind myself about his struggles, and though he may be comfortable with alcohol around him, pills may not be the case.

Why Opiate Addicts Act the Way They Do and Why You Shouldn't Take it Personally

So locked up they remain. Does it bother me? You do not have to understand everything that someone has gone through or how their mind works. Alcohol does not define me.

Opiate Rehab: Addiction Treatment and Detox in California

Similarly, certain situations will not be acceptable to someone in recovery. Attending parties at clubs or even toasting a celebration may not be an option for your potential partner, which means that in order to be supportive, you may need to bow out early or bow out completely as well. Are you prepared to do that? Addiction can be the impetus for people doing some pretty horrible things — things that they likely would not have done otherwise.

In order to be in a relationship with anyone, you will always be more successful if you know yourself well, respect yourself, and are willing to prioritize your health and emotional wellness about all else. This is especially important when you are considering taking on a relationship with a former addict or alcoholic.

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There is a tendency for people in recovery to create codependent relationships, which can be damaging for both people. However, if you are independent and have boundaries that you can and will maintain — and your potential partner is equally strong — then this could be a functional as well as a happy relationship.

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  6. Choosing to get involved with someone who has an addiction history is a big decision. The best advice is to keep your eyes open, be as honest with yourself and your potential partner as possible, and take your time. Mental Health First Aid. Don't wait another day. When you call us at Monarch Shores, we will have a conversation about your situation. Our counselors will verify your insurance benefits and see how much your insurance provider will cover.

    What to Ask Before Dating a Recovering Addict - The Recovery Village

    If this is not the case for you, we can set you up with an affordable payment plan. Nobody should avoid addiction treatment because they are financially strapped. After our counselors verify your benefits, they will be able to set you up for treatment.

    Benefits of Inpatient Opiate Addiction Treatment

    Monarch Shores rehab center can provide all forms of addiction treatment under one roof. If you are ready to receive the help you need, then call us and learn about our customized treatment plans. Find out if you're insurance provider can help you get into our treatment program at reduced price today! Verify Insurance Benefits in Minutes. Addiction Treatment and Detox in California Accepting opiate addiction treatment in California will be the best decision you can make to beat your addiction, because it is extremely difficult to quit opiates on your own.

    Thoughts on Living With and Loving a Recovering Addict

    Side Effects of Opiate Abuse You may think you do not have an addiction to opiates because they were prescribed by a doctor. Here are some reasons you should consider opiate addiction treatment: Opiate abuse can lead to heroin addiction.

    Opiate abuse can cause severe damage to vital organs As you build a tolerance, you will spend more money on your habit Opiates, when abused, can seize your respiratory system and result in death Opiate addiction can cause personal and workplace problems. Benefits of Inpatient Opiate Addiction Treatment If you are abusing opiates, there is no doubt that you need inpatient treatment.

    Signs of Opiate Abuse and Addiction If you think your loved one has developed an opiate addiction, you may feel worried or lost. Here are some signs of opiate addiction to consider: Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Monarch Shores Accepts Most Insurance Providers Find out if you're insurance provider can help you get into our treatment program at reduced price today!

    Are you not sure if you can afford to go to rehab? Our online insurance verification form can allow you to get a quote from one our counselors today.