Destiny crucible matchmaking terrible

And what's worse is some of these matches they're basically over within seconds you can tell literally within the first kill or two who's going to dominate and that's what I absolutely hate. I lost to points in a night and tonight has been up and down. Constantly going against max level players while I get the level 8s and then they quit because they're not getting kills or having fun.

It has been a night of 3v4. I keep going up and down in points, got error codes last night and lost 30 points wtf. It's a competitive game mode with a more then worth the grind weapon to obtain on a game that doesn't support skill based match making. Either stop playing, change how you play or play with a team.

Should Destiny 2 Turn Skill-Based Matchmaking Back On?

I lost points by just getting put with level 20s 10 times in a row and running into stomp squads. Welcome to Destiny everyone. Oct 25, No 60 fps for consoles No dedicated servers No competent matchmaking No system that filters out maps you just played on.

Destiny 2: New Quickplay Matchmaking Thoughts – Crucible Labs Lockdown in Competitive Playlist

Oct 25, 1, The fact that Destiny 2's multiplayer was made by the same people who made Halo's multiplayer is heartbreaking. Oct 31, 3, Absolutely no one I know plays Destiny because of the PvP. The only time they do is to complete weekly challenges and then it's back to PvE. Let me list a hundred thing I hate about this game but continue to play.

Why Skill-Based Matchmaking is Bad

Oct 25, 4, Nov 1, 1, Oct 25, Australia. The most frustrating part about Destiny is that it has the potential to be god damn amazing, and yet Bungie have really struggled to get there. I just avoid PvP in general. It's 1 of the 2 modern console arena shooters on the market.

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Lots of people like will deal with the bullshit because shooters like CoD, Battlefield, Overwatch, etc. Oct 25, 6, Austin, TX.

Destiny 2 Has A Worrying Trend Appearing In Crucible And Trials Of The Nine(PvP)

What a shitshow Destiny 2 pvp was. The whole team shooting thing took the fun right out of it. Also lack of 60fps is sub par for consoles considering every other competitive shooter is Prefer it over most shooters nowadays because none offer the same sort of gunplay. Cant wait for Halo 6 to hit PC.

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I would guess that most of those things aren't a huge deal outside of enthusiast circles. Oct 28, Los Angeles. I mean it feels good, but every match is: Oct 25, 5, Singapore, Tianjin for the other half of the year. Your last 2 points are in alot of fps games though.

Destiny 2 Needs to Fix Solo Matchmaking Before Adding Crucible Ranks – Game Rant

I think this might actually be the case, youre right. Still the lag teleporting seems like something that every audience would be frustrated over. What you talked about is the least of Destiny PVP's problems.

None of those would make it fun to play. Dec 27, I've called D2 the worst PvP this gen multiple times.

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I rarely see lag teleporting in this game. Less than 10 times in the past year of constant play of a thousand or so matches. Oct 28, 2, Southeastern PA.

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As someone who spent 6k hours across two games, no. Needs to be 60fps, needs to have perfect connections and needs for random stuff to not happen. Oct 28, 4, Raleigh, NC.

Only played the minimum to progress every week. Feels like shit, reliance on squads to its detriment, slow, wildly unbalanced, slow, uninteresting meta. Oct 30, Destiny 2 pvp still feels great to play. Fuck not having a 4v4 quick play though. Playing 6v6 you quickly realize these maps really weren't made for that much players - it's awful.

Been playing mostly competitive lately which is much much better.