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I had been in the Shidduch process for a long time was feeling kind of burnt out on the entire process, as a lot of people my age are.

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Portland has a wonderful Jewish community and it is the perfect place for raising a Jewish family but there were limited possibilities for the 30 — 40 something, Frum single community. I was studying for final exams and feeling rather stressed.

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As Hashgachah Protis would have it, Harei At sent me an email at the exact moment I was cramming for a particularly difficult exam. I am laughing now, but in my frustration I emailed them back asking them nicely to please delete my profile; I explained that I did not have time in my life right now with school, work and studying Daf Yomi for online dating.

Thank you Hashem, I received a nice letter from Harei At offering me a free months membership.

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Of course being a good Jew I said yes to a free membership and began the thoughtful design of my new profile. I immediately found Avigayil and we messaged each other only a couple of times before I called her for the first time! I am not exaggerating when I say my entire Shidduch history was like pulling teeth and this relationship was so incredibly different from the very start!

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We spent a week from Shacharis to midnight spending all our time together, we met with my rav and we met with her rav. It is so amazing to me that two people from different sides of the planet She is from Kfar saba, Israel and I am originally from Colorado can be so made for each other.

In this location-based app for gay men, users can specify what they are looking for relationship-wise and are free to swipe through guys a day. Unknown Monthly messages per user: Since its launch, Her has quickly become the place for lesbian, bisexual, queer, and pansexual women to meet connect with one another online. Live in 55 countries, Her also holds exciting events like massive soccer tournaments, queer cabarets, and camping trips.

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