Nichkhun and victoria dating 2014

Age isn't really a factor, maturity, which comes from age, does play a major role. If they really love each other i don't see nothing bad. But if Yesung started dating her when she was a 17 year old girl Yunho is the ultimate wingman, does skinship with Changmin to hide dating and to satisfy shippers.

[Pann] Nichkhun supports 'Khuntoria'? ~ Netizen Buzz

I can't say anything about it. I'm still gonna have to see more until I'm sure they're dating. Kyuhyun is the other wingman. Is this really how they prove 2 people are dating? I bet he wants a litlle bit of SNSD's fame and popularity. They are afterall the nations pride and the most popular group. I just hope Fany is wise enough to not let herself be influenced by his bad behaviour like drunk driving..

Tifanny is known in South Korea for being a 'party girl', so she's hardly innocent, delusional person. I've been hearing this a looooooong time, around the time those TaecSica rumors came out. Anyway, I do think Tiffany has a boyfriend, in Radio Star, when they were asked about dating she basically giggled her entire way through it lol. Also the MCs asked them to give their wishes to each other and the member next to her idr who said something bout Tiffany not carrying the burden in her personal life etc and it kind of fit with what happened to Khun last year.

I'm still curious about if TaecSica were ever dating. IDT they're together rn but those rumors were really strong too, they were photographed twice but one was staged , and on Strong Heart, when Taec said they wanted Krystal to say Sohee's part in Hands Up they asked him how he contacted Krystal and he said through Jessica and everyone teased him.

Krystal started giggling really obviously trolololol. And there was the case of that famous guy that was with Jessica the night that stalker followed her into their dorm. But you're sure about a idol couple? That's one of the many reasons i can't stand many of the SUJU members. Leeteuk said when he was 20, he was attracted to a year-old Yoona.. I just want to punch him. Khuntoria shippers are delusional people that don't want to accept that 'Khuntoria' was just a 'fake' couple for a TV-show. This must be the end of the world for Khuntoria fans Some people said they've been dating since she was 17, so this is definitely old news that spread around a lot on international forums like Allkpop.

I think they're really cute though, it was kind of unexpected but when you look at them, they seem to match well. I hope they are still happy together: It was one sex scandal and the girl was just butthurt that he wouldn't kiss her.

[ENG Sub] Nichkhun talking about dating & rumor with Tiffany SNSD

She didn't complain about the sex itself being bad. Asian people are really into buying matching couple stuff.. Yesung and Jiyeon Dating????? I have a question: So they dated even before WGM? I think the problem is in the girl..

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Once you are a coworker with some one and are older than 18 age stops being so important. Actually I saw a rumor of 2pm in one of the rumor mills a while ago that one of the members was a sex addict or something like that. Taecyon has a really bad rep O o. We would never know, sadly. But if this Khunfany dating thing is true and from the pics above, some of the couple stuff they wore were during Nichkhun's WGM period so I wouldnt be surprised if they did dated since way back then. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually discovered it from an english based site lol.

It wouldnt surprise me if they've started seeing each other since way back then. They were close since trainee days if im not wrong. It seems like the "american" trainees are very close. Taec, khun, fany, sica etc. Yoona was sooo obvious.

Tiffany and Nichkhun revealed to have broken up after dating for 1 year 5 months

Even if they're not dating she obviously likes him. And he does not seem to mind. If it were confirm i'm pretty sure netizen wouldn't be surprise but it's like no one knew. I don't think Taeyeon is dating Leeteuk or that he dated him for such a long time, many people said they were close friends deppresed club and well nowadays Taeyeon doesn't seem to like him that much.

TaeTeuk is just too obvious.. Why are there so many downvotes. Why would you get something so obvious as a couple item. Sure one thing could be coincidence, but these pann posts show a lot. I wish every secretive couple out there would just reveal themselves already! LOL Taeyeon and Leeteuk have been a couple for about 3 years.

Well the way she looked annoyed at him interrupting her and Tiffany at the google event and they dont even interact now, Is just my opinion though, but is not going to change until I see something that isn't from 2 years ago. They were spotted two times but they were just like "whatever, yeah we're friends. Ok, lets just go through all the shippings now. They had a lot of things pop up. Taeyeon kept saying she's really lonely and she looks so sad recently, I feel bad for her: But Jinwoon likes Seohyun.

I don't suppose he would be spazzing about Seo if he has Cole already. What would that make Nicole then?

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Same logic why a kid get a way gentler treatment by the law than a grown ass man. Young girls are impressionable and immature.

Who is Victoria’s Boyfriend? Lovelife about Victoria of f(x)

Even when they give consent they should not be held fully accountable for their decisions. In most situations it is the grown man taking advantage of that immaturity to manipulate them into fulfilling their dirty fantasies.

It really makes me sick. They are quite an abundance of 2PM sex rumours. LOL "Taeyeon and Leeteuk have been a couple for about 3 years. It's so cute, she was like fangirling over him. Her eyes were like glowing and she was so excited and cute.

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I'm asian and I find matching clothes too mushy.. A no-no for me.. The only pair in K-Pop I would believe to be true. Go for it, Tiffany and Nichkhun. This is not proof. Proof would be pic of them kissing or caught dating.. I agree with your logic, but I also disagree with some things here. I can't believe I'm getting serious about this lol IMO, as long as they love each other, why should people complain? I don't see any complaint from those couple mentioned above, like someone feel they are deceived by the grown man, etc.