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  • Introducing Agones: Open-source, multiplayer, dedicated game-server hosting built on Kubernetes.

Features in Beta and Preview are available to everyone. Alpha features are available on a case-by-case basis.

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  • Open Match: Open source game matchmaker | Hacker News.
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Game Server Hosting with Integrated Matchmaking | Unity

Game Server Hosting — Alpha. Infrastructure matters The dedicated game-server model is the best way to launch a real-time multiplayer game, and is absolutely essential when you need performance at scale. Work on your games, not your infrastructure. Open Match , an open source matchmaking solution.

Game developers get new matchmaking platform called Open Match

Matchmaking is one of those challenges all networked games face. Do you run your own custom servers, or use a 3rd party service for matchmaking? Running your own servers obviously comes with a cost as well as additional support requirements, while farming it out to a third party leaves you exposed if they ever shutdown. Open Match might be a good compromise solution, enabling game engine agnostic networking that runs in standard docking containers or in the future, hosted on Unity servers.

Nakama is an open-source realtime server for apps and games.

Source Code Open source matchmaker framework from Google github. Now that it's done there will be no excuses!

Unity and Google Cloud launch open-source matchmaking project

There's a lot of really hard networking and plumbing problems that need to be solved, depending on the size of your audience. This project attempts to solve the networking and plumbing problems, so game developers can focus on the logic to match players into great games. There's a lot of really hard networking. I heard brainCloud have a good one: I work on the open-source Nakama server. It has an extensive matchmaking system builtin, which can return results to the clients as well as execute custom code on the back of matching players.

A game that I'm working on is going to have "scheduled games", where registration for a match happens about a half hour before it begins.

s1mple Chokes in MATCHMAKING - CSGO

Does Nakama support this type of situation? Also can Nakama spin up game servers in the appropriate geographic regions, or does it not handle something like that?

You can achieve this behaviour by using a "joinable" tournament, where the tournament has a given start time, a duration, and an end time. This way, players must join the tournament in the given duration window and can no longer do after the duration window is past.

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