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So if employed professionals have borne the brunt of the economic recession, it makes more sense to look for men who are self-employed or entrepreneurs. While these professions are not recession-proof, at least they offer greater flexibility and more opportunities for surviving in uncertain times. In particular look for single men involved in trade of wood, wood products and textiles since these make up the most important exports of Latvia.

Bars and nightclubs Men in Latvia traditionally subscribe to a macho culture which is why a great many of them can be found in bars and nightclubs when not at their workplace. Almost all major Latvian cities like Riga, Daugavpils and Rezegne there are several nightspots which attract men eager to have a good time. As the capital city of Latvia, Riga has the most vibrant nightlife in the country. The old town is awash with bars - everything from lounge style hangouts with DJs, comfy couches and funky visuals, right through to spit and sawdust drinking dens.

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One such bar is Dickens which is a favorite haunt of expats and locals wanting to meet English speakers. Jaunais Rigas Balzams is another address which caters mainly to a younger and hipper crowd. If you want to do the rounds of clubs, check out La Rocca which claims to be the biggest club in the Baltic region and it certainly is huge both in terms of size and popularity. Though with room to host 2, revelers, it also gets very crowded. Depo is an underground hangout while Amber Night Located at the Reval Hotel Latvija, caters to an older suit-sporting crowd.

While there were many garrison towns established during the Soviet occupation of Latvia, today such places like Skrunda 1 are ghost towns and visited for their curiosity value. Instead get to know the men stationed at Riga which serve as the headquarters of Latvian armed forces or Lielvarde which has a large military base. Skip to main content.

Dating Latvian Men - Meet Single Guys from Latvia

You are here Home. BBC News - Latvian man shortgage leaves women lost for love. Log in to post comments Printer-friendly version. I saw the profles here of some very nice latvian girls and would like to get to know them better and to contact them Yuta lady Blady, saw ur message in the forum, i unlike the academician still did not approach any girl and would like to have your advice, seriously!

Dear Eagle, Forget asking the latvian girls, they wont know the answer themselves. Let me tell you from experience , as I have had two latvian girlfreinds and met many more via my GF. Firstly, Latvian girls are not racist at all, So dont worry about backround, If they like you they will marry you no matter what your ethnic backround. Generally Latvian men are pigs by global standards, divorce rate and alcohalism as well as cheating is very high. The best way to get to a Latvian girls heart is show her she can trust you, that you are devoted to her and that you will never betray her or let her down.

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The socio-economic problems they have in there society, make security in a relationship a high priority for latvian girls, and being able to trust a man a attractive feature for them. The best way to get to a girl is be genuine but also be pateient, dont move in on her too fast. As for physical features, they prefer darker men, so a tan will help alot, they prefer a three day shave, as opposed to a clean shave, that gives a more rugged look , and all the latvian girls I met love food, they have great metabolisims so they can enjoy eating.

So take her our for a great dinner and she will be calling you for the next date Good Luck MK. Hi Mk, Thanks a lot for the advice. I am not so dark, in fact i am blue-eyed with dark blonde hair, caucasian enthincity, european. Will this be a major disadvantage as you say they prefer dark men? Seems you are well aware of Latvian girls mentality. Why did you quit with your latvian girlfriends? Is there sth which a few know?

For example, a friend of mine who has a lot of experience wit russian girls told me that they all accumulated fat and become round after What about latvian girls, is there such major disadbvantage like with the russian ones? Or they go for the opposite?

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  • What kind of men Latvian girls like?.

What is the major difference btw latvian and estonian girls for example? Hi Yuta, thanks for your letter. Let me say that i am neither black nor arab men. I am from southeastern europe- in fact i am blue eyes and dark blonde hair and also caucasian.

Latvian man shortage leaves women lost for love

I said "dark" because i heard and was told that nordic women generally prefer the opposite- darker skin and hair in a man. Thanks a lot for your answer!

10 Weird facts about Latvia

I am already from a few days here and as you see i am glad to participate here in the forum, but the website still does not allow me to directly address a some girls i do not intend to send numerous messages, just like girls who are very charmful. Do you know how should i proceed in order to be able to communicate directly wit anyone? Yuta, what is the difference based on your experience and assumptions between dark haired latvian girls and blonde haired latvian girls in general?

Of course, everybody possesses a personality but i would like to know whether there is some striking difference in the behaviour and attitudes in the blonde ones compared with the dark- haired ones? Hi Yuta, I dont think the blondes are stupid, jjust the opposite! Hair is not a denominator of IQ or sth else.

What kind of sports latvian girls practise most, which is the national sport in Latvia? Also, what is the predominant ambitions as professions among latvian girls- lawyers, business women, deisgner, and modelling?

Are the latvian girls catholic? Does that mean that they do not use anymore their profiles here, because the site became What kind of men Latvian girls like?

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Page 1 of Ad Rocket Splicing Specie. I am very sorry for disturbing you. Your beauty charmed me so much that I had to write a message to you. There are some women who has been created to be loved but you are one of those who have been created by god to be adored. I actually adore you. I am here If you are really looking for a man who can die for you.

I am really looking for a long term relationship and I am also open to marriage. I am an academician. If you are really interested in me.