Halo 4 matchmaking slow

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Do you get the annoying NAT error when you try to find a match. Your internet must suck. With crappy internet and closed NAT settings I was getting into games in less than 2 minutes.

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Get a new ISP. They call me Spoke Wrecker Thizz iz what it iz GT- Spidux. A game is very fortunate to have a viable population for a year and even then it will get the stuffing knocked out of it when the big releases of september-november of the next year hit.

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You just described the Halo 5 experience. One of, if not the worst, multiplayer experiences of any game I've owned. You've clearly never played MCC. Also, most players in populated regions have almost no problems finding matches quickly in H5 multiplayer. If your region doesn't have many people playing and thus gives you a bad experience, you can't really put all of the blame on the game itself.


Not sure how H5 even qualifies for having "one of the worst multiplayer experiences" in my book, but to each their own I suppose. I've given up on H5 the past couple months because of 's negligence. Aside from technical issues it's just deprived of the "fun" MCC provides, also. Your point about the speed of H5 is valid, too.

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It's way too fast and map design suffers because of it. I have the issues you're having with 5 and it's still not close to what happens in MCC from constant crashing to people quitting when they don't get the map they wanted Oh MCC is atrocious in its own special way.

And I live in LA. I can't find games because there's no one playing the game. Yes MCC was a special one indeed.

If you live in LA there really should be no problem finding games for you, I play with friends in California and all over the USA and we typically find matches within 1 minutes on Balanced setting in most playlists even during off-hours. Moreover, it's tough to believe that "there's no one playing the game" when the game was consistently top 10 most played on Xbox for many months after launch and is still consistently top 20 most played after more than a year later I don't think the most played list works like that.

It's based on unique users in a certain period of time if I recall like a week, month and etc.

It's updated in the matter of minutes by what major nelson said so its essentially a live population counter. Yeah but you can't compare a game which has a live population counter like TF2 to one that doesn't like Halo 5. That list doesn't work that way. Yeah I can lmao, if the Xbox Live most played is updated in a minute by minute basis, and if a game ABOVE Halo 5 has a live pop counter, basic common sense tells me Halo 5 has less players than whatever the other game has.

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Post all Spoilers in the following format: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Some showoffs in here will brag about how they always get 25 kills with no mic The nature of the game is that team work and communication is nearly as important as skill. Reach had search functions to help you find other communicators I strongly hate this game since that day.

Impregnate everyone in Asia and give each baby an Xbox? Do you want to talk about it? The EU population at least to me seems incredibly low these days. Oh how I wish there were population counters or at least some kind of qualitatice indicator of population in each playlist. I haven't been able to find a single game on solo balanced in Halo 5 in any playlist other than HCS in ages.

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Even at peak hours on weekends no luck, even BTB fiesta times out for me. Seems to me that H5 is bordeline dead in Europe at least. A fresh account still seems to eventually find a match even on balanced but no point in that with the Target master and MMR. Only playlists that I can bother to play on expanded are BTB fiesta and WZ and even those have gotten uninteresting due to expanded.

Shame that I can't even get to play the new community doubles on a fair connection U are totally tripping dude that's incredible halo 5 multiplayer is pretty damn active for a 3year old game and its the 30th most active game on Xbox live so there is many other matchmaking that are worse than halo one -Yoink- And stupid -Yoink- there is a team dedicated for halo 5 that have the mission to keep the game active and they suceed.