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Instead, whistle up hill and spot passively from the depression on the overlook. You can get better spotting from there than from lake usually AND you can light up HT's if they are dumb. The moment HT's are lit, move to lake and work that. Scouts push mid usually, and that's headache for most. Scoot to city skirts and spot from there. This are just a few examples.

Don't go on the offense until later in the game when your clip carries far more importance than early in. I love French LT's. I even built a model of one! For lakeville the point of controlling mid is to shoot into city and pressure their campers towards their end of the road. Really it just depends on matchmaking and how your team deploys. Used to love doing that in the Bulldog with the 10 shot Auto loader. Playing it more or less like that, with the difference being i remember the Bulldog having better gun depression. I just unlocked the bc12t and am seriously considering sticking with the amx 13 75 for awhile yet.

I'm currently experimenting with optics binos vstab. The vents are not really giving you much anyway. This way you can passive scout efficiently if needed. I usually try to scout at first, then when the game isnt static anymore I try to clip tanks. This is one setup I considered. This gives me flexibility in some end game situations, especially when bottom tier. The higher view range may also give me some confidence to sit in a bush. Till now I did not find the gun handling to be too bad. Hope this augurs well for the rest of the line.

When I used it, I tried to use it as active scout or as passive scout when the map allowed it, even though passive scout is less effective without binocs i ran CO.

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It is very rewarding to flank opponents, unload your magazine and run or finish wounded enemies that you can clip although the clip potential is very low with the 13 You're small, fast and have an autoloader with a very manageable reload. This thing plays itself for me. Usual schtick with vstabs optics vents. This tank is the most fun in a 3 man platoon. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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WorldofTanks submitted 11 months ago by Asia MM is what this game needs! Want to add to the discussion? I am thinking it is more of a mental thing. That is why I am more comfortable active scouting. I'd have no problem with this, if the reward for penetrating all your shots was a bit higher. I mean, the PC 13 75 had 6, so i don't think adding one more to make 4 shells is asking for too much.

Link to my trash discord server: MM got you down? My presence here on the forums is over. You can find me at the links above and on various Discord servers. If you're curious or feel like trolling, peruse [ This Thread ]. I think this tank is excellent. I love the gun, and I have a good aim time, with only the first 2 rows. I usually never had a problem with the gun. I read the news and ground through the tank before the nerfing hit resulting in the being my highest win rate tank ever.

I pasted both nerf logs below:. For the 75 mm SA49 gun: Aiming time was increased from 4 to 4. For the 75 mm SA50 gun: Reload time of the magazine was increased from 1. Aiming time was increased from 3.

Worldof Tanks 3 Gameplay Matchmaking Multiplayer AMX 13 75

Reload time of one shell was increased from 1. Reload time of the magazine was increased from For the 90 mm F3 gun: Reload time of one shell was increased from 2 to 2. ViperNC, on 16 April - Pastaguy, on 17 April - The tanks performance ceiling has been obliterated. You can't tell because you're too far from it. No, the 13 90 still is mediocre now.

AMX 13 75: needs buff?

It's just not as bad as the 13 75 tier for tier. The 13 75 could be in tier 6 and still be bad. Oicraftian, on 20 April - Community Forum Software by IP.