Where to hook up boost gauge on 7.3 powerstroke

There are several mounting options for the gauges, from dash mounted pods, to overhead mounted pods, to mounting them on the A-pillar. This write-up will cover the A-pillar mount. First…remove the weather door seal around the door frame. This just pulls down. Once you have this out of the way, gentle pry the plastic A-pillar cover off.

This just pulls off. Next, inside the engine compartment under the master brake cylinder is a diamond shaped piece of plastic. This is only on automatic transmission equipped vehicles. Pry this plastic piece off.

Installing gauges on Ford diesel

See figure 8 Then, on the inside, near where the computer is mounted, is the foam piece that needs to be removed. Take your gauge wires, feed them through the drilled hole and into the cab of the truck. See figure 10 NOTE: This is a good time to locate a good grounding location for the gauge set. I mounted my ground wire to a quarter panel nut in the engine compartment and ran that wire into the cab as well.

Im trying to install my boost gauge.

The first will be the 12v keyed source. This will power the gauges whenever the truck is started. In this instance the thick black wire with the green striped was used. See figure 11 Whatever wire you choose to use, double check it with your test light to be sure its hot with the key and not at all times. You will also need a wire to run the back lighting for the gauges. You can either pop out your headlight switch, or look under the dash for the light blue wire with the red tracer. See figure 12 This powers the gauge lights whenever you turn on the trucks lights. This also allows you to dim the gauge lighting, but beware that you have to dim the dash lights as well.

The last wire you need to supply will be the ground wire. Hold them snug together and mark with a pencil where the holes need to be drilled for the side plastic pins, as well as marking where you need to cut holes in the factory pillar cover for the wires to run through. Once that is done, hook up the power supply wire, the dash wire and the ground wire to the gauge wires. As for the order of the gauges, let the length of available wiring harness dictate that. On the example truck, there was little left of the transmission temperature wiring harness, so it went in the bottom hole.

Im trying to install my boost gauge. - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums

Next came the coolant temperature, boost and lastly the pyro. Feed the gauge wiring harness ends through the your drilled holes in the A-pillar cover and mount the gauge pod to the cover using the supplied plastic pins. Feed the wires through the gauge pod holes, then re-mount the cover-pod combo. See figure 13 Be sure to tuck all wires behind the cover and that the clips that hold the cover to the body are snug and secure. You do not need to attach the gauge in any way to the pod. The friction between the pod and the gauge will keep the gauge from falling out.

Once you have the gauges mounted, put the door weather stripping back into place. Now its time to see your finished product. See figure 14 Start your truck and let it idle for a few moments. You should begin to see the pyro slowly climb as exhaust gas temperatures begin to warm.

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Route the black wire from the gauge to the battery in the engine compartment. Connect it to the negative battery post. The intake manifold is the metal intake bracket mounted on the top side of the engine. The large hose from the turbocharger connects to the intake manifold on the drivers side of the engine.

Remove the intake manifold by loosening and removing the bolts that secure the intake manifold to the engine with a wrench. Remove the intake manifold and place it on a work surface. The location of the hole does not specifically matter; however, it is best to place the hole on the flat section because it will be easier to drill straight.

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Reinstall the intake manifold onto the engine. Tighten the bolts with a wrench.

Thread the connector into the hole in the intake manifold. Start the engine and check for any leaks. Verify that the gauge pressure increases when the throttle is depressed.

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Turn on the headlights and confirm that the light on the gauge illuminates properly. How to Install a Boost Gauge to a 7. Slide the boost gauge into the front of the gauge pod until the gauge stops from going any further. Place the gauge mounting bracket onto the back side of the gauge to hold it in position in the pod. Different gauge manufacturers use different methods of securing the gauge.

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Refer to the owner's manual for proper bracket installation. Mount the gauge pod onto the dashboard of your Powerstroke-equipped vehicle, using the screws provided and a screwdriver. Where do i hook up or splice the tee fitting for my boost gauge. Find all posts by kupaa. Easiest is to install it in the MAP sensor line. More elegant way is to pull the AIH and put in a plug with a fitting for the sensor tube. Last edited by Izzy; at Find all posts by Izzy Find all posts by zx I put mine here when i had the manifold out for some smoothing of the cast marks and to paint.